• Whoopi Goldberg
  • Jacob Loeb
  • Nathalie Love
  • Nicholas Downs
  • Adam Budron
  • Lauren Rubin
  • Jacqui Getty
  • Maggie Blake
  • Jonathan King
  • Faith Strongheart


  • Executive Producer: James Franco
  • Producer: Brian Runt
  • Writer: Stephanie Sandoval Lean
  • Editor/VFX: Miska Mandic
  • 1st AD: Zach Marion
  • Cinematographer: Emma Kragen
  • Production Design: Gemma Fenol
  • Costume Design: Brianna Quick
  • Original Music: Sven Faulconer

The Stand In

25 minutes | Colour | High Definition | NTSC | 1:1.85



A naïve young actor is drawn into the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a famous, former child star he is hired to replace. Based on the novel, ‘Actors Anonymous’ by James Franco.

Stills: Matt Lara

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